Do you lack motivation in learning a language by yourself? Do you think that you are not studying and practicing in a good way? Let’s build your confidence together.

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Frequently Asked

Private lessons are actually a supplement. They aim to overcome the fear of being lost in dozens of information. Together with a tutor, you can decide more easily how you should move on. Lectures will motive you. We think it is one of the best investments in yourself to see your own progress.

I won’t say Chinese is easy, but if it is taught properly and effectively from the beginning, it might be much easier language for Turks to learn.But I’m not talking about “Chinese Characters”. It will definitely some time to learn writing. You will need to put much work into it.I mean “Speaking”. Since we have some similar aspects in terms of culture and mentality, learning Chinese might be easier. Moreover, I think making sentences in Chinese is not as complicated as in English.

Actually’s your own choice.Everyone wants to say that they want to sound like a native English Speaker. But they have already fallen into bad pronunciation habits.These habits can be very hard to break but it’s better to get ahead of them while you can. Learn them all.It will come in handy one day.

First, a preliminary interview is held. Student needs are identified. For what reasons does he want to learn the language? What’s your first goal? Questions such as educational background, relation to language, etc. are asked. Since each language learner has a different personality, educational background and sectoral difference, the same program cannot be applied to each person. Everyone’s progress is different. Afterwards, an effort is made to determine a suitable time for both parties. If the teacher is full, the student is put on the waiting list. When the teacher is free, he returns to the student.

Learning a language, a new world
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