Hello, I am Betül

Hello I am Betül. I am from Türkiye, Izmir Sworn Translator
( English, Turkish, Chinese) Teacher, Advisor
I am thirsty for knowledge a free-spirited girl
Welcome to my website.

If you are eager to learn the art of life , you will need to carry on learning the art of life. How about learning the art of life together ? Having fun should be our top priority.

Art of Living


ove your loved ones , You should be very attached to your loved ones but don’t let them think that “ You are burden to me.” Be independent as well.


ne day, if you will have to make a big decision in your life , it’s okey to change your mind a little bit. Don’t forget this. Something can change according to new situations. Don’t be afraid of change. Afraid of running round in circles.


alue yourself. Never forget yesterday. But don’t live in the past. Otherwise you might not make a right decision for your rest of life


mpower yourself, express yourself. Love yourself

Are you ready to achieve
your goals ?

Make a plan for your future